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Brian Cutting
Research Associate
Sustainable Production

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Brian Cutting


MSc, Entomology, University of Delaware, USA
BA, Biological Sciences, University of Delaware, USA

Research Interests & Activities

Developing and communicating sustainable pollination solutions to horticultural industries. Enhancing pollination of Australian crops, including avocado, macadamia, blueberries, watermelon and papaya - including identifying key pollinators and understanding how dependent these industries are on managed and unmanaged honey bees.

Honours & Awards

University of Waikato 'Halo Award' for student supervision

Professional Memberships

Member, Australian Entomological Society 
Member, New Zealand Entomological Society
Member, Entomological Society of America

Key Publications

Cutting B.T., Evans L.J., Paugam L.I., McBrydie H.M., Pomeroy N., Jesson L., Janke M., Jacob M., Pattemore D.E. 2017. Assessing the efficacy of bumble bees in covered orchards. New Zealand Kiwifruit Journal.

Evans L.J., Janke M., Cutting B.T., Felman C., Jochym M., Cross S., Jacob M., Goodwin R.M. 2017. Effect of netting covers on honey bee foraging behavior. New Zealand Kiwifruit Journal.

Cutting, B.T., Evans, L.J., Jochym, M., Pearson, A., Weatherall, A., Goëbau, N., Pattemore, D. E. 2016. Quantifying the effect of radio transmitter attachment on bumble bee flight and behavior. 66thEntomological Society of New Zealand Conference. Wellington. 19-21 April 2017.

Cutting, B.T., Evans, L.J., Weatherall, A., Pearson, A., Goëbau, N., Pattemore, D. E. 2016. Effects of radio transmitter attachment on flying insects: A case study using Bombus terrestris. XXV International Congress of Entomology. Orlando, Florida. 25-30 September 2016.

Cutting, B.T., Tallamy, D.W. 2015. An Evaluation of Butterfly Gardens for Restoring Habitat for the Monarch Butterfly (Lepidoptera: Danaidae). Environmental Entomology 44; 1328-35.

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